About Us

Audiologic & Hearing Aid Services provides hearing testing and hearing aid fitting. We pride ourselves on fitting even the most difficult types of hearing loss and the most reluctant hearing aid wearer. We can successfully fit your hearing loss even if you have been told a hearing aid would not help you or you have not been happy with your hearing aid in the past.

Hearing loss occurs very gradually. Family, friends and co-workers are usually the first to notice a hearing loss. Often it is a friend or loved one that brings a patient to our office.

Dr. Triplett gives each patient a complete hearing evaluation. If the patient needs a hearing aid one is fitted at this initial visit. This is very important so the patient can experience hearing with a hearing aid for themselves.The patient is then provided with all the information and education necessary to make decisions about their hearing loss and hearing aid choices. Considerable time and attention is given to each patient as this is critical for hearing aid success and delight.

We are focused on providing exceptional service and customer satisfaction. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.